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 MonogramGivensee Group of Industries Ltd. is country’s one of the leading 100% export oriented group of companies pertaining to textile and garments sector.Its present position is the outcome of long journey in the arena of textile business.Started ready made garments export business through establishment of a 100% export oriented knit garments industry in 1984 and gradually captivated own position in export market of Bangladesh. Afterwards abled to establish a number of export oriented large industries in textile sector and continued contribution in the development process of country through earning of valuable foreign currency.Yearly turnover of the group is now more than US$ 100.00 million.The group has generated employment opportunities for 22,000 people in its 8(eight) manufacturing units/industries having 15 MW captive Power generation capacity. Khatib Abdul Zahid Mukul, Chairman and Managing Director of Givensee Group Of Industries Ltd. has selected CIP (Commercial Important Person) for several times by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as recognition of his export performance.He has got experience of long 28 years in textile export business and other related fields.Besides, he endeavors to render social services to the unprivileged people of our country.He has been running a charitable organization in the name and style of “OLD REHABILITION CENTER’ since 1987, wherein helpless elderly people of above 60 years are rehabilitated by way of providing shelter, food, medicine, cloths, of cost.

Social Activities: Old Rehabilitation Centre: As a part of discharging of social responsibilities Khatib Abdul Zahid Mukul established Old Rehabilitation Center in 1987 in a rented premise in own initiative and with own finance with a view to mitigate painful sufferings of helpless old people of 60 years and above who have no support other than the Almighty Allah. In 1994 the center was shifted to its own land of 72 bighas located at a calm and quite place with natural beauty of Bishia Kuribari, Monipur, Gazipur having distance of about 40 KM from Uttara, Dhaka. In April 21, 1995 Nobel peace prize winner, Mother Teresa founded the stone of the expansion project of the center. Helpless people of above 60 years are rehabilitated with the full responsibility in the center. All basic amenities like accommodation, foods, cloths, medicines and other facilities are provided free of cost to the neglected, unable to earn livelihood and helpless old peoples of above 60 years till their death in the center. At present there are accommodation facilities of about 1200 old people in the center. The center does not obtain any sort of financial aid/assistance from outside either public, private or govt.,local or foreign. All expenses of the center are borne out of income of Givensee Group of Industries Ltd.One rehabilitation center of same nature has also established at Katapahar (Bat-Tala), Tabalchari, Rangamati to facilitate old helpless people of 60 years and above of tribal area having different mode of life, culture, religion from rest part of the country who hesitate to move other place from their own.


Givensee Group of Industries Ltd. comprise of following 9 industries:

1. Givensee Spinning Mills Ltd.:
It is the largest industrial unit of the Group that produces knit yarn from imported ginned raw cotton. It produces cheese/cone yarn of 6 – 20 counts as well as combed and carded yarn of 20 – 40 counts. It is the backward linkage industry of knit composite garments and 100% deem exporter.

2. Hotapara Garments Ltd.:
It is a 100% export oriented composite knit garments industry. It undertakes
(i) fabrics knitting from knit yarn,
(ii) dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics,
(iii) manufacturing of RMG through cutting and sewing of dyed fabrics and
(iv) screen printing of RMG. The products of the industry include knit ready made garments viz. T-shirts, Polo shirts, Tank Top, Vest, Jackets etc.

3.Hotapara Garments Ltd.(Towel): 

We have 120 brand new Shuttle Looms and 30 brand new Repair Shuttlelees Looms in operation for producing quality towel. We have soft flow dyeing capacity and 10000 sft floors for finishing operation.

Weaving Capacity:

Shuttle Looms – 5000 Kg/Day

          Repair Shuttleless Looms – 5000 Kg/Day

Dyeing Capacity – 12000 Kg/Day

Manpower – 820 Personnel

Products: All type of terry towel (From 300 – 700 GSM)

4. Zahintex Industries Ltd.:
It is a 100% export oriented sweater manufacturing industry. It procures principal raw materials of dyed acrylic yarn from sister concern viz. Masuma Khatun Textile Industries Ltd. (a sweater yarn dyeing industry). It is equipped with about 6,000 hand driven flat knitting machine of Taiwan and China ranging 1.5 Gauge to 14 Gauge. Yearly Production Capacity is about 12.10 million pcs of different sizes. Besides, there are 30 sets of Jackard machines imported from Germany having yearly production capacity of about 1.00 million pcs. At present Zahintex Industries Ltd. has total production of about 9.50 million pcs per year and export of around Tk. 3250.00 million (US$ 40.00 million) per year.

5. Masuma Khatun Textile Industries Ltd.:
It is an acrylic and cotton yarn (for sweater) dyeing industry. It is a backward linkage industry of sweater. The industry is a 100% deem exporter. It sells about 40% of its products of dyed yarn to sister concern viz. Zahintex Industries Ltd. (a 100% export oriented sweater manufacturing industry). Here yarn is dyed in hands/spray, cabinet and piece method. Yearly production capacity of spray, cabinet and piece dyeing of yarn is about 16.5 million lbs.

6. Givensee Garments Ltd.:
It is a 100% export oriented denim woven RMG manufacturing industry. It is composed of sewing unit and washing plant. Woven ready made garments of denim clothing like jeans pant, jeans jacket, jeans shirt/blouse etc. are manufactured from imported denim (woven) fabrics.

7. Givensee Garments Accessories Ltd.:
The industry is engaged in production of various items of garments accessories. The main products of the industry are poly, corrugated cartons, sewing thread, embroidery, hang tag, off-set printing and press, metal zipper, printed level, oven level, gum tape, neck board, back board, price tack, barcode sticker etc. It is backward linkage industry of garments; and as such 100% deem exporter.

8. Recycling Project:
It is an extension project of Hotapara Garments Ltd. (100% export oriented composite knit RMG). It is composed of recycling plant, open end unit and weaving – finishing unit. In recycling unit cotton is manufactured from waste fabrics of knit garments industry. Yarn is produced with this cotton in open end unit. Yarn of 6 to 16 count are manufactured having yearly production capacity of 30.00 million lbs. Produced yarn are used in the weaving – finishing unit having shuttle loom with dyeing and finishing facilities. All type of terry towels, (from 300 – 650 GSM) are produced in this unit with the yarn produced by open end unit. Terry towels are mainly exported to various countries of Europe and the USA.8.


Givensee Foods Ltd.:

It has been set up with a view to produce soymilk from soybean through modern technology. Subsequently more food items have been added in the product mix of the industry through expansion with additional investment. The products of the industry are biscuits, bread, toast biscuits, bun, top cake, isopgol, chanachur, chatni, shemai, puffed rice (muri), grinded spices (chilly, turmeric, cumin, and coriander), mineral water etc. All these food items are sold locally as well as exported to countries of Middle East, Europe and the USA.